5 tips to buying the perfect sofa for your home

5 tips to buying the perfect sofa for your home

A sofa is a major furniture investment that will be in your home for the years to come, so it is important to make a good decision. Aside from style preferences, you also need to be objective when it comes to choosing a quality sofa. Whether you are looking to buy a sofa online or in person, here are five tips you can follow to ensure a great purchase. 

1. Always measure the size

There is nothing worse than buying furniture that does not fit into your home. Thus it is important to always measure and make sure you are certain the maximum sofa dimensions can fit and suit your space. The two most important measurements of a sofa to pay attention to are: the width, which refers to the measurement across the back of the sofa, and the depth, which is the measurement from the back of the sofa to the front. Aside from making sure that your sofa will fit in your space, you also need to check the dimensions of any doors and stairways the sofa has to pass through during delivery. 

If there is limited access, you may need to opt for a sofa with removable legs or a modular design so that it can be delivered in sections.

2. Decide on the upholstery

The material of the sofa, also known as upholstery, refers to the attachment of padding, cushion, fabric, or leather textile on a sofa. The material used for upholstery plays a significant role in providing the sofa with a visual identity. Two of the most popular kinds of upholstery for sofas in Singapore are leather and fabric. 

Leather sofas are popular amongst homeowners in Singapore due to its durability. A leather sofa is considered to be more ideal for households with children due to its ease of maintenance as compared to fabric ones.

Novena Black Leather Sofa

On the other hand, fabric sofas such as cotton or linen tend to be preferred due to the breathability of these materials, making them perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid climate. A tip to adopt when selecting a fabric for your sofa is to match it to your lifestyle and budget. Most of the time, the lifespan of your sofa is determined by the situation at home. For instance, durable and easy-to-clean upholstery like linen is preferred for households with children or pets.

Cream Sofa Novena Furniture

Other factors to take into consideration when picking a suitable material for your sofa are placement and frequency of use. Novena Furniture carry a wide range of sofas with different upholstery, textures, and colours that are durable as well as easy to maintain, making them perfect for any home.

3. Match your sofa to your lifestyle

Since humans are known

Novena Beige Corner Sofa

to be creatures of habit, it is recommended that you shop for a sofa with your preferred lounging style in mind. For instance, you can consider investing in an L-shaped or corner sofa if you like stretching out in front of your TV with your legs splayed. 

Furthermore, corner sofas are ideal for busy homes too! Not only do they allow you to stretch and get comfortable, they only zone an open plan space for you to fit other furniture items, more people, and even pets.

4.Consider the seating support


Besides style and placement, the seating support also plays an integral role in determining the quality and long-term comfort of a sofa. One of the best and most common seating support options is the sinuous spring, also known as the no-sag spring or serpentine spring. In this support option, sinuous pieces of snaking wire span the gap, and are connected with a strong twine at an adjoined angle. The twine then passes from front to back, side to side, before going diagonally in both directions to ensure the springs are secure. 

5. Evaluate the frame

A solid, quality inner frame provides the foundation of a good sofa. The longevity of your sofa and its shape is largely dependent on the frame. A feature that is common amongst all quality sofas is a strong and sturdy frame, made using kiln-dried solid hardwoods like oak, beech, or ash. Kiln-dried hardwood undergoes a process of kiln-drying to remove all moisture from the wood, minimising the risks of mould growth, and thus enabling the material to retain its shape and stability for many years.

Besides providing you and your loved ones with comfortable seating, investing in a sofa of the right colours, materials, and size also creates a more elegant living space. Pick out a sturdy and stylish sofa that brings out the aesthetics of your home from Novena Furniture today! 

From L-shaped leather to versatile and easy-to-maintain fabric, we have a wide range of quality sofas to suit your living space and needs. Visit Novena Furniture online or at our retail stores to shop for your next sofa.

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