[PROMO] Hampton Recliner Armchair, Fabric

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Best Value Buy This Year
Hampton Recliner Sofa marks the Best Value Buy for Recliner Sofas this Year with its Crazy Price and Reasonable Comfort. Limited Stock!

Additional Information
Firmness: 5.5/10
Arm Width: 12.5cm
Color: Cozy Grey
Only Available in Fabric and in 1 Color: Cozy Grey

Best Value Buy this Year

3+2 Set Available as Well.

Feel Like a King, Even in the Smallest of Spaces

It's compact, it's space-saving, but it definitely doesn't compromise on comfort!

Designed for Modern Homes

Maximum comfort for the modern workaholic.

Sit back, Relax and Enjoy.

With Hampton, you can finally reach a recline of more than 120 degrees

Comes in Manual Recline

Just pull the lever and lean back!

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