Watson Recliner Armchair, Fabric

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GST Absorbed
The Watson to Your Sherlock
Every leading man needs a supporter to shine. Watson Recliner Armchair comes with reclining, swivel and rocking function - your perfect partner at home as you continue to shine even from home! Never has a Lazy-Boy been so stylish, with 3 functions and in such quality material.

Additional Information
Featuring smooth, scratch-proof and waterproof leather-aire fabric for durability and comfort. Our heavily-padded recliner armchair is unlike others in the market. 360 degrees swivel function and sturdy rocking function that enables easy-to-get-up motion. Rocking function is locked when reclined. Stainless steel lever to give it a polished look.
Leather-aire Fabric
Feels like leather, breathes like fabric. This high quality material is more durable and comfortable than simulated leather. 

Firmness: 6/10
Full Recliner Length: 155cm
Weight: 59kg
Maximum weight: 120kg

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