Celtic 3 Seater Sofa, Fabric

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More Comfortable Than a Recliner

If you have been following us, you would be aware of this gem. Celtic Sofa is a game changer amongst its peers of similar design because of its comfort. The pocketed spring seats and crazily-stuffed fibre-filled back cushions make a couch potato worthy combo. And everything is removable. Everything.

Additional Information
This product is made-to-order and customisable.
Firmness: 6/10
Colour Customisation: Cushions and Frame Can Be Different Colours.
Colour Choice: More Than 100 Choices. Please Chat With Us.

Effortless Style, Timeless Comfort

A gem among sofas, Celtic stands out with its superior quality and design.

Wide Seats, Thick Cushions

Sink in and relax.

Space-Saving Design

Thin armrests allow us to offer you wider seating, and ensures that Celtic fits into most HDB living rooms.

Stay on the edge of style

Custom trimming colour options available.

Strong, Sturdy, Durable

Build to last.

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