Vanna 1.8M TV Console, Rubber Wood

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Simple Design, Great Functionality

Most people expect just a few things from their TV Consoles. Functionality-wise, it's got to have multiple compartments to store stuff and holes for the wires to go through. Dimensions-wise, it's got to be just the right height for you to view your TV shows effortlessly, wide enough to display whatever you need to, and not too long in terms of depth - as space in living rooms is a huge constraint these days. Appearance-wise, it's got to be easy on the eye as half the time you're looking at your TV, you're also looking at your TV Console.

Vanna 1.8M TV Console is all that, and more - its simple boxy frame makes it the ultimate space-saver, and its huge compartments give you ample room to customise your storage. The smooth laminate finish on its Chipboard Frame gives it the natural Milan Pine colour which, coupled with its white frame, is sure to make you grow fonder of it over time.

You've got to love it.

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Additional Information

Dimensions: L180 x D40 x H51cm

Simple Design, Great Functionality

We've got everything you need from a TV Console.

The Ultimate Space-Saver

This is a TV Console that's designed for modern homes. Furnish it at the living room wall and you'll realise that it barely takes up any space at all.

Functionality at its Finest

Simple compartments and dividers give you ample room to customise your storage.

Built to Last

Our sturdy Chipboard (MDF) frame is guaranteed to serve you well in the years to come.

Naturally Aesthetic

You'll only grow fonder of this natural design over time.

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