Wald 1.1M Dining Set, Wood - Cocoa/Espresso

from $798.00 $499.00
Save 37% GST Absorbed

The Best Value-for-Money for Natural Wood Lovers

There's an undeniable charm about natural wood furniture - it's refined, it's stylish and most of all, it's how all furniture should be - everlasting and durable. You won't have to worry about cracks, scratches or any fragile spots. Wald's edges are treated with high quality veneer finishing, to guard against any splinters or rough parts even after prolonged use. In fact, the wood only looks better as it edges. The dining chairs offer high back-rests and smooth synthetic leather seats, providing a nice stylistic contrast with the natural wood tone. At an affordable price of $499, Wald offers style, functionality, and undisputed value for your money. 

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