Living room with an L-shaped Sofa

How to make your L-shaped sofa work for your home?

L-shape sofas are commonly used in Singapore by large families who require larger furniture to accommodate more family members and increase their lounging space. Smaller families or those with smaller homes may not consider L-shape sofas as a viable option when purchasing sofas in Singapore, but there are ways to incorporate a luxurious L-shape leather sofa into your home. Here are some tips:

1.Get sectional L-shaped sofas

Sectional sofas, also known as modular sofas, are sofas that can be separated into individual pieces that can be rearranged in your room to accommodate different needs or to free up space.


Many L-shape sofas sold in furniture stores today are a hybrid of modular sofas and conventional L-shape sofas in various configurations, such as L-shape recliner sofas. When you buy a sofa online in Singapore, most furniture shops will indicate which sofas are modular sofas, so keep an eye out for these sofas when shopping.


Purchasing a modular L-shape sofa for your home allows you to place the sofa in its entirety in the living room when you need more lounging space, or separate it to use in different rooms when you need more empty space.


Some modular L-shape sofas you can consider getting include:

L-shaped Sofas: Gulf and Kuhmo


1. Kuhmo L-shaped Modular Sofa

This Ivory-coloured leather sofa is made up of three sections: the Kuhmo 1 Seater Sofa, the Kuhmo Corner Sofa, and the Kuhmo 2 Seater Sofa, which combines to form the L-shape sofa.


2. Gulf L-shaped Sofa

This sofa is a Fossil Grey fabric L-shaped sofa with a 1 Seater Sofa, Corner Sofa, 2 Seater Sofa with 1 Arm, and a Stool.


2. Learn how to arrange your L-shape sofa

1. In a corner

The most common and popular way to arrange an L-shaped sofa is to place it in a corner of the house, with both arms against the walls, as this maximizes the use of dead corners while freeing up space for other furniture such as coffee tables, armchairs, or television consoles.


This arrangement will not work for L-shape recliner sofas, as they require space at the back of the sofa to recline.


2. Against the wall

This arrangement involves placing one arm of the L-shape sofa up against a wall and using the other arm as a space divider between different areas of the house, such as separating the living room and dining room. 


Place the sofa near the front door with the backrest facing it to create an entryway, or separate your children's play area from the rest of the living room with your L-shape sofa.


3. In the middle

Placing your L-shape sofa in the centre of the room will only work if you have large spaces. You can position the sofa to face a focal point, such as your television or feature wall, and use the empty space behind the sofa to house a bookshelf, table, or any other furniture you wish to place there.


3.Choose your L-shape sofa wisely

The same thing applies to choosing any furniture for your home. Always double-check the measurements of the sofa you’re buying and ensure that it isn’t too big or small for your home, especially if you’re purchasing a sofa online. A sofa that is too big will make a home appear cramped and cluttered, while a sofa that is too small will look strange and out of place. 


Consider the available space in your home before deciding on the type of L-shape sofa you want. A fully attached L-shape sofa may not work for smaller spaces, but a modular L-shape sofa would. While an L-shape recliner sofa is great for relaxing, you must ensure that there is enough space behind where you place your sofa for it to recline. 


Many furniture shops in Singapore sell L-shape sofas in a variety of sizes and models, and knowing how to choose the right one and how to make it work in your home makes a significant difference, and can even help you fit an L-shape sofa into your small spaces better.  choosing the right one and learning how to make it work in your home makes a big difference and can even help you fit an L-shape sofa into your home even better. Buy your sofa online in Singapore from the variety of furniture we offer.


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