DANDY Custom Sliding Door Wardrobe

Customizable Wardrobe System - DANDY


Get DANDY with your wardrobe
With us, you can build your dream wardrobe to fit your space. Offering a range of 4 brand new wood grain shades, new accessories and fittings for you to choose from, wardrobe customization is now a walk in the park. DANDY Custom wardrobe is fitted with melamine finish wood panels on both the exterior and interior.

1. Select from our wide range of Door Options

If you don't see the design you like, fret not! We actually have 30 door designs to choose from - with each panel customisable to either wood panels or glass panels. 

2. Choose your wardrobe combination

Get a measurement of your space, or bring your floor plan to us for a professional assessment of how best you can fit your ideal wardrobe into your bedroom space.

3. Decide what goes inside your wardrobe

Customise beyond our standard compartments with a selection of additional drawers, shelves, hidden mirrors and more. Build on top of what we have already designed for you conveniently!


4. Colour/Swatch Choices


Additional features

Well, we have 30 door designs to choose from, 7 compartments to choose from, 8 glass types and 4 wood bases to choose from. What are you waiting for! Hurry down to any of our locations and get assistance from our friendly team to build the perfect wardrobe for your home.

DANDY can only be purchased offline; we highly recommend to find us at any of our locations as the actual product is displayed there. All customisation samples are also available at all our locations.