Kuhmo 2 Seater Sofa, Simulated Leather

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Endless Possibilities, All-in-One.

With Kuhmo, you won't have to design your living room around your sofa no more. Here's a sofa that changes to suit your everyday needs. You can arrange it how and when you like - as an L-Shaped Sofa with the Chaise interchangeable on both sides, an extra seat here, or an extra seat there. It's designed to suit your ever-changing needs.

Mix and Match! View the Kuhmo Modular Sofa Series here.

Kuhmo comes in:
  • Kuhmo 1 Seater Sofa, Simulated Leather
  • Kuhmo Corner Sofa, Simulated Leather
  • Kuhmo 2 Seater Sofa, Simulated Leather
  • Kuhmo L-Shaped Sofa, Simulated Leather

Mix and Match! Whenever, However You Like.

Movable modular sections/chaise on either side.

Get Your Money's Worth

Smooth simulated leather upholstery and sturdy back support.

Design it According to Your Needs

Additional Corner/1-Seater/2-Seater sections available.

Optimal Seating Position

For fans of the medium-high backrest. Perfect for watching TV, having a light meal, or reading a book.

Simply Aesthetic

Looks good from any angle.

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