Aimon 1.5m Dining Set, Wood - Natural/White

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Modern Design Dining Staple, High Quality - Low Price
Aimon dining table is made exclusively for Novena - the sheer quality of this table does not justify its price. Made in solid wood frame and legs, the MDF top is compressed with a matching solid wood colour and grain that makes it stand out like a 'full solid wood' table. This exclusive design was engineered to maximise design and prioritise safety - the table top is rounded instead of the usual rectangular shape.

This Dining Set comes with a 1.5m Aimon Dining Table, 2 Alice Chairs and 1 Alice Dining Bench. 

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Exquisite Design, Low Price

For a dining set of this quality, you really shouldn't be asking for lower than this.

Smooth, Rounded Edges

Elegant design and safe for the family.

Poignant Curved Back Rest

Timeless style that complements your home.

Stylish Fabric Seats

Smooth on the outside, comfy on the inside!

Solid Wood Legs

This one's a classic for wooden chairs.

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