Mason 1.2m Console Table, Wood - Vintage Oak

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Meet Mason Dining Table's Younger Sibling! Still as Elegant, Still as Modern.

If a warm, cozy atmosphere is what you're looking to bring to your home, you've found the right table. Set the mood right with Mason, a classic wooden table with a modern touch - its beautifully designed grooves that just lend an air of refinement and class to your home without needing to scream for attention. Its natural wood prints are on the darker side, and are sure to complement any items you match it with, be it a TV, decorations or even a mini library. Moreover, Mason doesn't compromise on durability with its sturdy solid wood legs, which are designed to create a feel of spaciousness in your home, instead of the usual 'boxy' feel that rectangular wooden tables give. Beautiful just on its own, easy to match and sure to complement any furniture you pair it with, Mason is definitely our best pick for natural wooden tables this year.

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Dimension: L120x D40 x H76cm

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