Jaiman 1 Seater Recliner Sofa, Half Leather

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Make A Statement At Home This Recliner Design
Nothing shouts "Boss" or "CEO" more than Jaiman Recliner Sofa. The layered design and sharp angles makes this recliner appear like a throne, and it sits like one too! Notice the extra cushioned armrests to ensure that comfort is never compromised even with such an angular recliner sofa. The 2 tone layers cut at the right parts to give this recliner sofa a strong presence. 

Additional Information
Firmness: 6/10
Arm Width: 25cm
Colour Customisation: 2 Tone Available
Additional Customisation: Electric Recline is Available

Sits like a Throne

You're in for a World of Comfort.

Never Compromise on Comfort

Plump, tufty seats await.

A Family Favourite

Wide armrests ensure easy get-up for children and the elderly.

Space Galore!

Wide seats, like you've never seen before.

Comes in Manual Recline

Just pull the lever, lean back and relax!

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