Normand 2L L-Shape Recliner Sofa, Simulated Leather

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Sink into the Comforts of Normand Recliner Sofa
Normand's wide seating and high back support make it a family favourite.

Key Highlights:
  • This product is made-to-order and customisable. Please chat with us!
  • Firmness: 7/10
  • Arm Width: 27cm
  • Recliner Full Extended Length: 155cm
  • Reclines on One Side
  • Sofa Option Available

A Family Favourite

Wide seats, high backrests, a chaise and a reclining function. They're gonna love it.

We Give You More than Value-For-Money

Normand uses high-grade simulated leather that's 1.5x thicker than the industry average, giving you the texture of real leather.

You're in for Ultimate Comfort

Heavily-stuffed cushions and backrests!

Intricately Designed for All Your Needs

Space-saving squarish frame, with family-friendly rounded edges.

It's Time to Treat Yourself

Sit down for a cup of coffee; sit back and watch your favourite shows; relax after a long day at work. We'e got you covered.

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